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Enjoy a Ghoulish Getaway with a Stowe Lantern Tour This Fall!

Get a Bird’s Eye View With a Glider Ride in Stowe

Stowe is a beautiful place any time of the year, but especially with the upcoming change of the seasons, from a warm, sunny summer to a crisp, bountiful fall.  Stowe Soaring gives you the unforgettable opportunity to see the area from a whole different perspective with a glider ride in Stowe.  With several types of flights available, you can gracefully ride on silent wings over fields and mountain peaks and get the full scope of the foliage change in the Green Mountains.

Stowe Soaring – Glider Ride in Stowe

Intro Ride: 10 minute ride that will leave you wanting more!
Mt. Elmore East Ridge Ride: Takes you over Mt. Elmore and the Worcester Mt. Range – approx. 20 min. long
Stowe Scenic Tour: Panoramic view of Mt. Mansfield and the village of Stowe – approx. 25-30 min. long
Mile High Mt. Mansfield Special: Fly to over a mile high with views of the Adirondacks & Mt. Washington. Approx. 35-40 min. long
Mt. Mansfield Motorglider Spectacular: Ride in the amazing Stemme S10-VT motorglider 

Glider rental and instruction also available.  Click here for pricing and a full description of plans.

Stowe Soaring is the premier soaring site in New England and is conveniently located just six miles north of Stowe on Route 100, and minutes away from the Green Mountain Inn.  Make your plans now to come and enjoy the Stowe area, whether it be from the skies or on the ground, and ensure that your accommodations give you that true Vermont experience – only like the Green Mountain Inn can give you.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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