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June 2015

Discover New Sculptures at Helen Day Art Center Exposed

The Exposed Sculpture Exhibition in Stowe draws visitors from all over.

A good number of people seek out artistic projects that go beyond the traditional museum experience. These projects often allow visitors the opportunity to interact with the work on a more intimate level. Those seeking this sort of artistic connection may be drawn to an exhibit unique to a town in Vermont. Stowe, Vermont, is home to incredible scenery, historic surroundings and a wealth of original art. Residents and visitors alike are able to enjoy miles of original sculpture at the Helen Day Art Center: Exposed.

This sculpture exhibition, which is now in its 24th year, showcases the outdoor sculptures of participating artists. Visitors have the unique opportunity to walk among the creations, as sculptures are housed on the Helen Day Art Center property as well as installed along the Recreation Path in Stowe, a scenic 5-mile walk meandering through the town. They are also installed along Main Street in Stowe, so even a walk downtown can become an artistic experience.

The exhibition, which boasts an annual attendance of roughly 70,000 people, will be held from July 11 to October 14, 2015. Visitors to the 24th Annual Helen Day Art Center: Exposed will be able to experience sculpture against the backdrop of our colorful northeastern summer and the vibrant changing leaves of autumn.

Here at Green Mountain Inn, we enjoy a breathtaking view of Helen Day Art Center: Exposed each year. We're located just few minutes walk from the Center, and our guests can enjoy a swim in the pool or a rest on Egyptian linens in between visits to the sculpture path. We offer comfortable proximity to this unique event and to the other activities of downtown Stowe, so book your stay today and get your art fix in this historic destination.

The Stowe 8-Miler/5K Run Set for July 12

The 8th Annual 8-Miler summer run in Stowe continues a New England tradition.

We're excited to catch the 5K Run and Stowe 8-Miler on Sunday, July 12. This run will mark the eighth year of the existence of the 8-Miler, and the excitement involved with all runners continues to grow with each passing year, especially with the addition of the 5K race.

The popularity of this race is such that not only people from Vermont but also other parts of New England and Canada take part as well. Camaraderie among the participants helps make this a truly enjoyable event.

Stowe 8-Miler
Just as in past years, the race will begin in Recreation Field in Stowe with 2 of the 8 miles of the run taking place on a maintained dirt road. There's no need to worry about missing directional signs because everything will be clearly marked and certified. The finish line for the 8-mile race will be on the front lawn of the Golden Eagle Resort in Stowe.  The 5K also starts and finishes in the same place with both events having water stops available for all runners. The 8-Miler will have four separate water stations spaced apart, and the 5K will have a single stop.

Sponsorship of the event is being undertaken by a number of local entities, including The Rusty Nail, Smuttynose Craft-brewed Beer and Island Homemade Ice Cream. On Saturday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., runners can pick up their racing packet at the Nail, or participants can join on the day of the race beginning at 7 a.m.

The Green Mountain Inn is proud to support participants of this exciting event. Visit our website for a calendar of more fun events taking place in town this summer.

Exciting Fun at the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival

Have a grand time on the ground or in the sky with the annual hot air balloon festival in Stowe, Vermont!

The wonder and grandeur of the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival never gets old. Hot air ballooning has been around for decades and continues to inspire awe in all visitors lucky enough to see their launch. Stowe, Vermont, is a special place, full of lush trees and green rolling hills that welcome visitors. You'll want to make the Stowe Hot Air Balloon Festival part of your bucket list when July 2015 rolls around.

This event is held at the Stoweflake Mountain Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival
Resort & Spa where you can roam around the grounds for a small fee. The Hot Air Balloon Festival actually lasts around three days, making each day a new launch event for all fans. Is it a sunset or sunrise launch today? You'll have a chance to see both if you spend the entire weekend in Stowe.

If you're wondering if the kids will like this event, don't worry. The children's activities at Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival are diverse and age-appropriate, allowing you to spend all afternoon and evening out enjoying the event without the kids getting bored. You may not be from around these parts, but you can still be part of the excitement by reserving a hotel room. When you immerse yourself in the Vermont culture, you might wonder if you'll ever want to go home.

Are you excited about spending all weekend in Vermont? Visit the Green Mountain Inn website and book a room with us today. We offer a homey atmosphere that your whole family will love. After you take in all the sights at the balloon festival, venture back to the Inn afterward for a taste of home.

The Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration in Stowe Brings Excitement & More!

Find the biggest sales and savings this summer in Stowe as you watch the fireworks and celebrations!

4th of July in StoweLooking for the ultimate place to take your kids this 4th of July? Look no further than the Old Fashioned 4th of July in Stowe. This can't-miss event is the type of celebration that you thought only existed in old movies. The town pulls out all the stops to make locals and visitors feel welcome and at home throughout the event.

The parade features local schools, organizations and businesses design, that build and showcase their own floats. You might even find that some groups toss out candy, small American flags and other goodies for both kids and adults!

As if that wasn't enough, you can head over to the Stowe 7 Miles of Sales event after leaving the parade. This amazing sale really does cover seven miles, and it includes dozens of stores selling everything from food and clothing to souvenirs and decorations for your home.

As one of the most historic hotels in Stowe, we can help to create a fantastic experience for you in Stowe.  Come enjoy our famous honey oatmeal bread and relax with a cup of coffee before the parade or venture out to our front porch and grab a rocker for the best seat in town!  Whether you bring your kids for a family-friendly 4th of July in Stowe or come with friends for an exciting weekend away, the Green Mountain Inn is the place to stay.