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Got Stick? The Hyde Cup Hockey Tournament Returns in March

The annual Hyde Cup hockey tournament is five full days on non-stop puck play for all levels of skaters.


The ‘Great One’ coined the famous phrase “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”. Thus – follow Wayne Gretzky’s advice and plan on joining the entire greater Stowe, Vermont community for the annual Hyde Cup hockey tournament. An event unlike any other, this five-day hockey tournament is open to all levels of skater and stick-handlers. As with any large scale tournament, there are a few caveats, of course. To participate in this Vermont hockey tournament, you must be 18 years or older (no high school students). You must register for the Hyde Cup either in person or through a mail-in form. And – that’s it! Well… that is all you need to get yourself out on the ice for some hockey in Stowe starting on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Still, the Green Mountain Inn has a little more back-story on this annual tradition if you need extra convincing.

The Hyde Cup tournament is not about winning. Fighting is forbidden and will get you a lifetime ban. This tournament is all about fun! This may seem to be the polar opposite of the competitive nature hockey can bring out of you, but this tournament is about bringing together skilled and novice players, young and old, to foster the love of the game and a sense of community. Over the course of the five days, newbies and veterans will both have a chance to shine. What other hockey tournament gives the new players TWO points for every goal they score? That is just one of the little unique twists that make this Vermont hockey tournament so special. The tournament started in 1993 as the Jackson Cup but was renamed to honor one of the regular players after she lost her battle with cancer. Players came out to play in Leslie Hyde’s honor and thus a new sense camaraderie and community was formed, an aspect of the tournament that is still prevalent today.

So have either Mr. Gretzky’s words or our history motivated you to pick up the stick and get ready for puck drop? If you plan on coming to play a little hockey in Vermont, register for the tournament and allow us at The Green Mountain Inn to be your home-away-from-home for the five days of fun at the rink. Conveniently located only a half a mile away from Stowe Arena, the home for all of the Hyde Cup tournament action, our comfortable accommodations and upscale amenities will provide a perfect complement to your time on the ice. All it takes is all you’ve got – we hope to see you out on the ice this March!


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